Where no airfields exist

May Day Flying around snow showers

On the 1st of May we flew from EFAH (Oulu) to EFSU (Suomussalmi). Suomussalmi is located on the easter border of Finland in the Oulu District. So flying there means crossing the country :)
On our way we had a half an hour stop at EFVL then continued over the Puolanka Ridge towards Suomussalmi.

A lot of snowstorms and showers around! A typical spring wx.

Snowstorm almost cut our way back but we managed to fly safely back to Oulu on Saturday, 3th of May in the afternoon flying in between the snow showers.

Lake Oulujärvi on the May 1st, 2014.


A distant snowstorm, you would not like to fly into it, visibility zero, strong downdrafts and turbulence

But my co-pilot does not care about the snowstorms, he rather takes a nap :)